Get to know some of our interesting key speakers:

The Secretary of State of Justice,  Anabela Pedroso

The Managing Diretor at GNS and former representative of the Ministry of National Defense at the Commission for the National Center for Cybersecurity, Almirante Gameiro Marques

The Chairman of INCM, Gonçalo Caseiro

 The President from SPMS, National representative on the eHealth Network and a key player on the Portuguese National Health System, Henrique Martins

The CEO of Multicert, Jorge Alcobia

Her Excellency, Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques

The President of this year eID Conference Committee, Rui Carp, current Member of Parliament and former Chairman of INCM, former Secretary of State of the Treasury and President of the Luso-American Foundation for Development

More information on National and International speakers to be disclosed in the near future. Wait for more surprises...